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The spinal column performs the function of support, protection of the spinal cord and is involved in the movements of the trunk and head. And the most severe back pain is located in the lower back or lumbar spine area. The lower back is the main element of the human axial skeleton.

Once there is discomfort in the spine: lower back pain, stiffness, limb numbness, is a sign of alarm. You should always pay attention to them, even if the state of health is quickly restored. Otherwise, a disease that proceeds latently will certainly declare itself in the future with more painful signs. And lower back pain is the most important among all of the above.

To prolong the youth of the natural frame of the body help: even posture and an active lifestyle. Keeping your back straight, not hunching over your desk, and sleeping on a firm bed should become a habit. For people whose activities are called sedentary, it is important to properly organize the workplace: choose the right furniture, chairs or armchairs with orthopedic backs. Every 1-1.5 hours it is necessary to break away from work by doing a physical workout or taking short walks.

Part of your free time is important to devote to active activities according to your strength. Walking is good for the spine and joints. Synovial fluid, which lubricates bones and cartilage, is produced only in motion. Walking is required daily.

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Back pain or lower back pain? You are not alone! Sociological research data show that back pain is the second cause of disability in the adult population after viral infections. The only correct answer to the question of what to do when the spine hurts very strongly on the sides or in the middle of the back on a specific side all the time, in order to understand the reasons why this happens, is to visit a therapist or neurologist and complete an examination.

Non-surgical methods of treatment of lumbar pain reasons such herniated or degenerative spinal discs, sciatica, lumbago of the spine necessarily include spinal traction therapy. The back traction procedure helps to reduce the pressure created by the protrusion on the nerve fibers and thereby helps to reduce the intensity of pain.

Spinal surgery is the last resort, because it is the most dangerous type of surgical intervention, since the arteries that feed the brain, where the main vital centers are located – the cardiovascular and respiratory ones, pass through the holes in the vertebrae of the cervical region.

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